About the Center

The Galilee Music Center (GMC) is a leading cultural institution in Israel. Founded in 1997 by conductor Ada Pelleg the center is dedicated to bringing high quality music events and music education to all communities in Northern Israel.

The GMC is dedicated to promoting the strong power of music as an international language which transcends religious and ethnic boundaries and can promote dialogue and understanding between the  various groups in the region. The GMC  works in collaboration with all ethnic groups in the Galilee: Christians, Muslims,   Jews and Atheists.

We believe that a vibrant cultural life will contribute to the economic development of the region and to the reduction of disparity between Northern and Central Israel.

Israel International Flute Competition

The Israel International Flute Competition was founded by conductor Ada Peleg and is considered one of the premier flute competitions in the world. The high professional and artistic level of the competition is expressed in the selection of a panel of judges, including international reputable musicians from Israel and abroad, in choosing a challenging repertoire that includes masterpieces in various ensembles, as well as works that are specially invited for the competition,  and in strict adherence to the high level of all competitors.


"Chamber Music Series"  Under the music leadership of Maestra Ada Pelleg the outstanding concert series  has become a byword of excellence. " A very special concert, played by an ensemble of our best musicians, was held in the magical old city" Ha'Aretz, 2009. The series  has hosted the best international and Israeli soloists and orchestras among them Sir James Galway, principals of the Israel Philharmonic, the Stuttgart Chamber Orchestra, the Israel Chamber Orchestra, the Paris VOxmusicorum Orchestra,  Rubinstein International Piano Competition winner Roman Rabinovich, Italian flutist  Raffaele Travizani, German flutist, Hans George Schmeizer,  and many others.

"Mostly Mozart in the Galilee" A  unique program of primarily sacred  music which was established in 2010 . The concerts take place in a variety of beautiful venues throughout the Galilee; Gush Halav, Safed, Rosh Pinna and Nazareth. The imprresiv artsits roster of this series includes the Israel Opera Chorus and leading soloists, leading players of the Israel Philharmonic, the Israel Chamber Orchestra, Upper Galilee Chorus , Ranmat Gan Chamber Chorus and , Emek Heffer Chamber Chorus.

Special projects in the Galilee In 2010 the GMC produced the inaugural concert in the  Maronite Church in Gush Halav openning it to the general public for the first time. In 2012 the GMC has renewed  classical music concerts in Ein Gev Festival, producing a performance of Beethoven's 9th Symphony with the Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra, the Jordan Valley Choir, the Upper Galilee Choir and the Galilee Music Festival Choir, and  renowed Iisraeli soloists under the direction of conductor Ada Pelleg.  In 2013 the GMC resident orchestra inaugurated the auditorium of Stef Vertheimer in Nazareth Inducstrial Park.

The GMC resident orchestra 

Established in 2000, the elite orchestra is comprised of the principal players of the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra and other leading Israeli players who perform regularly in the various GMC’s concerts series and special projects. In addition to performing in Israel the orchestra has performed in the Columbia Festival of the Arts in Maryland, USA, with Chinese flutists Jin Ta, in London in a concerts titled “Towards Humanity”  with  British/Lebanese flutist Wissam Boustany  and  recorded a CD “Made in Brazil” with Brazilian flutist James Strauss

Educational project "Music Journey"

The Galilee Music Center is launching a unique 4-month and 8-month international study abroad music  program known as Music  Journey.  The program is open to young professional musicians age 21 to 30  from around the world, this unique  program provides an outstanding opportunity for professional development while playing  side-by-side with leading players from the Israel Philharmonic  while learning from them and from world renowned soloists.

With a faculty composed of the leading players iof the Israel Philharmnic and world renowned soloists , the Music  Journey program includes extensive chamber music repertoire from the Broque, the Classic athe romantci and contemporary music as well as orcehstral music. Some solo opportunity will be provided to outstanding participants.,   The program also offers Hebrew classes, tours around Israel, volunteering activities, and more.

Starting every September and February, the program will  take place in the Jordan Valley area surrounding Lake Kinneretr  where participants of the Music  Journey program study will  live together


Music and Coexistence:

Music helps bridge gaps between people. Through musical performance, the GMC is  reaching out and is  able to connect  between all the ethnic and religeous groups in our region.  The GMC has programmed  a flute concerto by the  German/Syrian composer Nuri El-Ruheibani and perfomed it in Israel and abroad, it has participated in a Gala  "Concert for Peace" in London with British/Lebanese flutists Wissam Boustany playing a concerto written for the occasion by Israeli composer Maxim Levi. Young  Flutist Nardin Balan was invited to perform in the GMC concert in Nazareth.  The center  has collaborated with the  Maronite Church in Gush Halav which was openned to the genreal public  in 2010 and has produces all the concerts there since  with production personel from the village, managed by Aram Khalloul Risha (Shadi). Concerts are also held in the Maronite Church in Nazareth and in the Auditorium in Nazareth Industrial Park. Future concert s will be held also in the Selezean Church in Nazareth.



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