“The audiences that packed the hall, and many who had no seats and were at the doors, had a moving experience when conductor Ada Pelleg led players of the Israel Philharmonic, the Israel Opera Chorus and four  excellent soloists in a brilliant, personal and very moving performance of Mozart Requiem. Pelleg electrified the wide audience and managed to transmit the inspiration embedded in the Requiem”

Avi Koren, Kol HaIr, 2010


“Great success to the opening concert of the season…no doubt one of the best professional classical music concerts ever presented in Tzfat”

News, Kol Ha’Ir”  2008


The ensemble under the baton of Pelleg gave a beautiful, velvety performance of two serenades for strings – one by Elgar and one by Tchaikovsky, with a proud, lyric melody, waves of pizzicato and a triumphant finale”

Gaby Wine, Jewish Chronicle, London, 2003


“The Israel String ensemble, under the direction of conductor Ada Pelleg will play a concert in St. John Smith Sq. in London with Lebanese flutist Wissam Boustany who will play a concerto for flute by Israeli composer Maxim Levy. The purpose of the concert is to promote co-existence and peace. The concert will be introduced by Terry Waite, the clergyman who spent years in Hezbollah captivity in Lebanon. Pelleg and Boustany were invited to a live interview in Radio BBC3. “

Noam Ben Zeev, Haaretz 2003


“The high level of the players and the conductor was  manifest from the first  bow strokes “

Hagai Hitron, Haaretz 2002


“A feast of music in Haifa”

Maxim Reider, Jerusalem Post 2002


Composing  Peace. The Haifa Festival Orchestra makes its American debut in Columbia while promoting the positive aspects of Israeli life

Deborah Walike, Baltimore Jewish times, 2001


The Haifa Festival Orchestra under the baton of Ada pelleg will perform in Columbia Festival of the Arts in Maryland. On the program Mozart, Bach Dvorak and a concerto for flute and orchestra by the Syrian composer Nuri El Ruheibany which will be played by flutist Jin Ta. Ruheibany, who supports the peace process in the Middle east, lives in Germany and maintains close contact with conductor Ada Pelleg. The Haifa Festival Orchestra was formed in May 2000 and its members include principal players from the Israel Philharmonic, among them violinists Ilya Konovalov and Elyakum Saltzman and cellist Marcel Bergman..”

Ora Binur, Maarive 2001


“The principal flutists of the Singapore Symphony Orchestra, the principal flutists of the Haifa Symphony orchestra, music students from Munich, Manchester, Cambridge, Jerusalem and Tel-Aviv are among the participants in the Haifa International Flute Competition”

Dorit Sadeh, Yediot Ahronot, 2000


“A  real International Music Festival…..participants roster reveals some of the best Israeli players and guests from Europe, and an orchestra that was formed especially for conductor Pelleg. The program is also very impressive. Done with  excellent taste, unpretentious modesty, and surprisingly diverse…residents of Northern Israel can enjoy a musical weekend of uncompromised quality”

Noam Ben Zeev, Haaretz 2000


“An outstanding opening night event – Prof. Aliza Shenhar, President of the Academic College Jezreel Valley will host classical music players as well as belly dancers, Nai flute player and brief lectures on the flute in folklore and literature”

Yoram Mark-Reich, Yediot Haifa, 1998


 “A quality musical event in Haifa”

Noam Ben Zeeve, Haaretz 1997


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