Galilee Music Center

Ada Pelleg, Music Director


Transforming the Galilee and enhancing Israel’s image as a leading cultural center

The concert series “Mostly Mozart in the Galilee”, initiated by the Galilee Music Center, directed by Ada Pelleg, has been taking place for 3 years now, and as always will open with a mini-festival, that will feature this year, the pianist Xiayin Wang, soprano Ira Bertman, flutist Yossi Arnheim, and  the Mostly Mozart in the Galilee orchestra conducted by Ada Pelleg. This year, the events will  take place in two venues : one concert at Beit Ha’am Audiotrium in Kfar Blum and the other will launch the new Auditorium of the Industrial Park in Nazereth. In addition to the concerts, Xiayin Wang and Yossi Arnheim will give master-classes.